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Historic Renovations in Pinehurst and Moore County, NC

Some homeowners desire a new, modern home with contemporary detailing. Others prefer an older home with character and charming features that can’t usually be found in 21st century construction. Should you fall into this latter camp, knowing the ins and outs of historical restoration will be very important in maintaining both the aesthetic and actual assessed value of your home. You own a piece of history and will want to protect, enhance and enjoy it, but these homes often require special care and maintenance.

First, what is ‘historical renovation’? The term can be defined as ‘the act of conserving and protecting buildings of historical significance through the process of repair, alteration, and addition while preserving those features that convey historical value’.

Though historical properties can be a bit more work, they offer a multitude of benefits for homeowners. The aesthetic upsides include timeless architecture, classic styling, and other unique features. These older homes have beautiful details, designs and fine craftsmanship that aren’t found in newer homes. Renovating one of these properties can also increase home value and may earn a greater return on value, should you decide to sell the home. Further, historic homes have been shown to sell up to 25% faster than their traditional counterparts.

How Pinehurst Homes Can Help

There are many special conditions, zoning restrictions, permit requirements, and guidelines that need to be taken into consideration when you own a historic home and undergo a renovation. And while historical homes often have preservation guidelines, many homeowners do not fully understand the requirements and limitations involved.

At Pinehurst Homes, we recognize that deciding to undergo a historic home renovation project can be a daunting and potentially overwhelming process. With years of experience in historic renovations in the Pinehurst and Moore County area of North Carolina, we are skilled at meeting all the requirements, and attaining the proper information in order to execute your historic preservation project plans through the appropriate channels in a timely and professional manner. We take the preservation of historic properties very seriously and do our best to preserve the integrity of your home. While new materials and features can be added to match the same era in which your home was built and to preserve the authenticity of your home, we ensure the line between new and old will be seamless. In fact, many of our customers can’t tell where the original construction begins and the new work ends. Now that’s a job well done!