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Creating the Perfect Outdoor Kitchen with Pinehurst Homes

Bring the Al Fresco dining trend to your backyard

Restaurants everywhere are revamping their outdoor spaces into cool and comfortable spots to enjoy a meal with friends and family. They’ve borrowed the phrase “al fresco” or “in the open air” from the Italians to describe this unique and fun dining experience. Outdoor dining doesn’t have to be reserved for restaurant guests only, with the addition of a luxe outdoor kitchen and patio, al fresco dining can be brought to your backyard.

Creating the perfect outdoor kitchen

Assessing your outdoor space and deciding the scale of your outdoor kitchen is the first step. Would a smaller, built-in grill and countertop fit the space? Or is a more extravagant grill, fridge and bar the better option? Consider the best layout to turn your backyard into a place to gather and socialize.

Choosing materials and appliances is the next step. Look for a durable yet aesthetically pleasing surface for countertops. Stone top counters weather well and blend nicely into a natural outdoor setting. For patio surfaces, natural stone feels more organic than a concrete surface, where brick pavers create a classic, traditional setting. Whatever you choose, make sure it will withstand the elements.

Creating an outdoor living and dining area can completely transform a backyard from unused to the most popular spot at home. Capitalize upon the beautiful North Carolina seasons and allow Pinehurst Homes, Inc. to help enhance your outdoor living space. From outdoor kitchens to pools to fire pits and more, our experienced contractors can help transform your outdoor area into a versatile and enjoyable retreat.

No matter what you love doing outdoors — entertaining, cooking, swimming, or just relaxing — Pinehurst Homes can help you create a beautiful outdoor living space that suits your lifestyle. What’s more, enhancing the outdoor living area of your Pinehurst home will not only increase curb appeal, but also boost the value of your property.

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