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Bring the Spa Home: Renovations to Turn Your Bathroom into a Haven of Rejuvenation

The evolution of the bathroom has been an interesting one. A typical home in the 1950s had only one small bathroom used by the entire family. Most homes in the 1970s featured a slightly larger “master” bath with a powder room. But things really started to change with the excess of the 1980s: The building of significantly larger homes lead to very large, quite flashy bathrooms with cavernous spaces full of missed opportunity.

With the arrival of the new century it seemed as though home buyers and builders figured it all out. The larger bathroom was great, but the space should be used more efficiently with both form and function taken into consideration. We begin and end our day in this room and it should be comfortable and organized.

“Bathrooms used to be viewed and utilized in a solely utilitarian manner; from a design standpoint, styles are definitely getting more contemporary and elegant”, says Maya Williams of Maya Williams Design. “A bathroom can be more than just the place you prepare yourself for the day. It’s also, arguably, the most important room in a home because it’s the place you energize your body and mind in the morning and settle your mind and body in the evening. It’s no wonder many of my clients request a home spa retreat remodel of their bathrooms.”

If you’re looking to seriously upgrade your bathroom, we have a few remodeling ideas that can completely transform your boring bathroom.

Make a Clear Change

The hottest trend for 2018 is the wet room: Showers and a free-standing tub in one easy to clean space surrounded by glass. If you don’t have space for a true wet room, you can get a hint of the look by enclosing the shower or shower and tub with a floating glass surround which looks as though it has no fixtures, or a metal frame enclosure with a grid format to give the appearance of French doors.

Choose Large, Natural Stone Tiles

Forget boring subway tile. It seems that larger stone tile is taking over because it makes cleaning so much easier. “I’ve been hearing the need for more easy-clean materials,” says Emily Hoefler, a kitchen and bath specialist at Renovations Group Inc. “A lot of people are shying away from tile because they don’t want to clean grout. If a homeowner does want to do tile, they’re opting for larger format tiles to reduce the amount of grout needed.”

She says we’ll soon see plenty of showers outfitted with large stone tiles in darker hues, even backsplashes as well.

Consider Dark Fixtures and Vessel Sinks

As an overall home trend, warm metals are hot this year. “One of my absolute favorite things becoming increasingly popular is warm metals,” Hoefler says. “Brass is back along with bronze, copper, and even satin nickel for a softer take on the trend. For warm metals, my suggestion is to go bold. Pairing these metals with contrasting colors such as black, dark blue, or even bright white is a great way to make them pop.”

Vessel sinks—those that sit on top of your vanity countertops—have been around for years, but in 2018 they are coming on strong in a variety of custom options. You’ll find them carved from natural stones, fired in artisan kilns, or made of hand-blown glass, and with theme decorations like koi fish and mermaids.

Incorporate Freestanding Furniture

If your bath is large enough, add a piece of freestanding furniture for storage. The rich wood of a mahogany French armoire, for instance, makes a great place for extra towels and bathrobes. Wood also adds earthy warmth to bathrooms and gives it even more of a spa feeling.

Embrace Technology

With every year, technology advances in almost every area of the home and the bathroom is no exception. Fiddling around with the shower controls to get your preferred pressure and temperature can be a thing of the past by investing in digital shower controls. Programmable systems let you set temperatures, adjust lighting, or even pre-set shower times to lower water consumption. Imagine using a remote control to turn on the shower from bed in the morning!

Some systems are so highly responsive they feature LED lights that change color as the temperature adjusts. The Crosswater Digital system, for example, flash red when the water is heating up, blue when cooling down, and white once it’s reached the right temperature—an especially handy feature when bathing children to avoid potential scalding.

In the end, the purpose of a home is not just to provide shelter; it’s also a personal sanctuary where you can relax and be yourself. A bathroom is even more personal in nature. Nothing beats a room that offers relaxation and luxury. With a beautiful custom bathroom, you get this and more: The colors you want, the materials you want, and the atmosphere you desire.

If you’re looking for a professional builder and remodeling company in the Pinehurst, North Carolina area offering unique home building expertise, decades of experience, and a reputation to back it up, Pinehurst Homes, Inc. is the choice for you. For more information on the services we offer, call (910) 295-5400.

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