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2019 Design Trends

It’s officially 2019! Don’t let trying to rehab an old home to meet modern standards hold you back this year. Building the custom home of your dreams in a perfect location is easier than ever thanks to Pinehurst Homes Inc. Choosing custom means that your home will automatically be built to the most current standards and building codes, saving you money by preventing future repair costs and helping your home retain its value for resale.

One of the top 2019 custom home design trends includes having an overall monochromatic color scheme with intentional pops of a chosen color. Think a bright white kitchen with an accented island in a faded navy, or vibrant hardware and faucets in rose gold, chrome, matte black or bronze. Adding pops of color takes an otherwise classic and timeless design and brings it into the present. These design features can be easily added and personalized when you choose to build a custom home.

Another of these trends is to create a ‘healthy home’. At Pinehurst Homes Inc., this is our specialty. By selecting a Certified Green Builder (or CGB) like Pinehurst Homes, you’re choosing a home builder that is committed to making intentional decisions about preserving the environment. As well as incorporating well-designed outdoor living space, and landscaping, so that you can easily transition between enjoying indoors and outdoors of your home. These are the most important ways to ensure both you and your home are healthy and doing all you can for the environment. By choosing a Certified Green Builder like Pinehurst Homes today, you are committing to a lifetime of minimizing the environmental impact of your home.

To get started, call us today at (910) 295-5400. Pinehurst Homes has spent more than 30 years delivering quality construction, remodeling and renovation service to homeowners throughout Moore County, Hoke County, Richmond County, and beyond, including Pinehurst, Southern Pines, Seven Lakes, Aberdeen, Wood Lake, Carthage, Hamlet,Rockingham, Raeford, NC and surrounding areas.

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